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Life Group notes

Theme: 8April18 God is Selfsacrificing
Date updated: 4th April 2018
View in browser: 8th_april_God_is_self_sacrificing.pdf
Download to computer: 8th_april_God_is_self_sacrificing.pdf

Theme: 18Mar18 God is Holy
Date updated: 16th March 2018
View in browser: 180318_Lent_God_is_holy.pdf
Download to computer: 180318_Lent_God_is_holy.pdf

Theme: 4March18
Date updated: 1st March 2018
View in browser: 04-03-18_God_Is_Trustworthy.pdf
Download to computer: 04-03-18_God_Is_Trustworthy.pdf

Theme: 25feb18 God Transforms
Date updated: 22nd February 2018
View in browser: 25Feb18_God_transforms.pdf
Download to computer: 25Feb18_God_transforms.pdf

Theme: 18Feb18 lent1
Date updated: 15th February 2018
View in browser: 18Feb18_Lent1_God_is_good.pdf
Download to computer: 18Feb18_Lent1_God_is_good.pdf

Theme: 11Feb18 Abrahams faith and ours
Date updated: 9th February 2018
View in browser: 11Feb18_Romans_4_v18-25_Abrahams_faith_and_ours.pdf
Download to computer: 11Feb18_Romans_4_v18-25_Abrahams_faith_and_ours.pdf

Theme: 4 Feb The Righteousness of God
Date updated: 1st February 2018
View in browser: 4Feb18_Wayne_OLeary.pdf
Download to computer: 4Feb18_Wayne_OLeary.pdf

Theme: 28Jan18 Zacchaeus
Date updated: 26th January 2018
View in browser: 280118_Romans_2_v1-11_Zacchaeus.pdf
Download to computer: 280118_Romans_2_v1-11_Zacchaeus.pdf