New Life, New Hope

Dear friends

 Nicky Gumbel tells the story of a member of his congregation at Holy Trinity Church, Brompton who worked in the library of a national newspaper.  This newspaper kept files of old newspaper cuttings about every well known person. The files were kept in rows of long shelves and separated into ‘living people’ and ‘dead people’.  

One day, the young man was looking through the files of dead people and came across a large file marked ‘Jesus Christ’. He glanced over his shoulder to check that no one was looking and immediately moved the file from the ‘dead people’ section to the ‘living people’ section. Jesus Christ is alive. He is risen from the dead. His file was in the wrong place. To anyone looking for his file among files of dead people the angels would say, ‘Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!’ (Luke 24: 5-6).  

I feel we reflected this amazing truth in our worship last Sunday morning for Easter Day. The sense of excitement, celebration and exuberance testified to the fact that we worship a living Saviour not a dead historical figure. I would like to thank you all for participating so fully in our worship over Easter. We journeyed together through the reflective style of Maundy Thursday to the sacrifice and suffering of Good Friday culminating in the joy of Resurrection morning on Bredon Hill (sunrise service) and the celebration with Baptisms and Holy Communion at our Easter morning service. What a rich (and enriching) spiritual feast we have enjoyed as the family of God coming together in this place.  

And yet, every time we come together in His name, we celebrate Jesus, risen from the dead. Every Sunday (not just Easter) is Resurrection Day.  We mustn’t keep this Good News to ourselves we must share the joy, the hope, the love of Christ with others and invite them into a relationship with the living Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayers for the Baptism candidates - Would you join with me in keeping those who went through the waters of Baptism very much in your prayers in these early days following their public declaration of faith in Jesus:  that the Lord would keep them in his love and cover them with his hand of protection: Amy, Nessa, Ellen, Kyra, Amy, Will, Laura, Katie, Richard, Dorothy, Tessa, Liz and Mandy.  

Reaching Out - As a church our mission statement is ‘Building bridges for Jesus to cross’. In the next few weeks there are a number of opportunities by which we can build bridges by growing friendships and inviting others to share in our life together.  

Saturday 14thMay 8.30am.Men’s breakfast at Sherdon’s Golf Centre preceded by an hour on the Driving Range. Who could you invite along to a fun occasion?  

Saturday 14thMay 7.30pm. Welsh Gospel Choir at Holy Trinity. Last year when this choir came the packed audience at our church were enthralled by their inspirational singing and the humourous interaction of Mark, their musical director. A quality fun filled evening is guaranteed – you can feel confident to invite your friends to this great evening.  

Day of Prayer and Fasting – Wednesday 18thMay  

Wednesday 18thMay falls midweek between our Vision Sunday (15thMay) and our Gift Day (22 May). On this Wednesday we would like the whole church family to commit themselves to concentrated prayer. The spiritual discipline of Fasting can serve to enhance our effectiveness in prayer as we deny the natural appetites of our bodies in order to express an earnest desire to draw near to God. If you are able we would like to invite you to join with us in praying and fasting (denying yourselves food). On this day, for those who are able, we will meet for prayer in the Foyer at:  

7.00 am – 7.45 am

9.00 am – 9.30 am

12 noon – 12.30 pm

7.30 pm – 8.30 pm (Central Prayer Gathering)  

If you are unable to join us at these times why not find some space at work or school over your lunch break when you can join with us in prayer or text someone and ask them if they are sharing in the prayer day and thereby be part of our community life.  

At 8.30pm we will disperse from the church to join our cell groups (cell leaders need to coordinate this with their groups) and have a meal together, thereby ‘breaking our fast’. Please do aim to join in this day as fully as you are able so that we can continue to see the work and ministry of this Church move forward in God’s purposes.  

Every blessing in Christ