All Change

Dear Friends

September always heralds a season of change; children move into new classes, start new schools, leave home to start a College course or get married or start a new job or career. ‘Change’ is a feature of life that we either welcome or dread. There are foundational changes happening in our society and world at many different levels that can create concern and anxiety and should bring us to our knees in prayer. Yet in a sea of moving currents of change we look to our God who is unchanging, whose love endures for ever, who remains Sovereign  and who is over all. I think of those words from that famous prayer /hymn:

 ‘O Thou who changest not, abide with me’.

Transform’ – the new Sermon Series

Not all change is bad.  Over the next 6 weeks or so we are following a sermon series looking at how God changes us into the likeness of His Son by the work of His Holy Spirit. We are calling the series, ‘Transform’, reflecting the teaching of St Paul who encourages us not to ‘be conformed to the pattern of this world but to be transformed by the renewal of our minds’.

Faced with the unrelenting and subtle influence of our environment to shape us into its mould, followers of Jesus need to be reminded daily of the requirement for inner transformation.  In this series we will look at how that process takes place and how it affects every aspect of our lives: relationships, our behaviour, our attitudes, our choices etc

Sunday Evening Services with teaching from New Wine

To complement the morning teaching series we will be starting an evening service at 6.30pm from next Sunday 10thSeptember, which will include worship and teaching from the recent New Wine summer conference. Coincidentally (!) the main stage teaching this year conveniently dovetails with our own thinking on ‘transformation’.

Cell Group to Life Group

Change is also happening with our small groups. We are not only changing the name to Life groups but we are recognising that an essential element in our spiritual transformation takes place as we meet together in small groups, do Life together and encourage one another in this process of transformation through studying God’s Word, worship and prayer.

 "As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend."Prov 27:17

Purpose of Life Groups

We believe God created men and women to live in community. Life Groups are a great place to experience authentic community, share life, and build long lasting relationships. The purpose of our Life Groups is 3-tiered:


Connection: Create a safe place to learn and grow in a meaningful relationship with Christ through applying  the Sunday sermon series using the teaching notes, thereby discovering the truth of who He is and who we are as his children and his purposes for our lives.

Community: Experience authentic community through joining with others and building meaningful, long lasting relationships, sharing life, and sacrificially serving one another and our church family.

Contribution: Impact the community in which we live, seeking to be an agent of God, choosing to engage, serve, and enter into the lives of those that live in our community, utilising the opportunities we have and being creative to serve our neighbours (social action) and celebrate LIFE (e.g community BBQs etc).

Growth Strategy

Our overarching goal is for anyone that calls Holy Trinity home to be actively participating in a Life Group where they can share life, give and receive support and pastoral care and know the joy of deep friendships that endure. Currently over 150 of you are already in such groups but we would like to see at least 75% of our congregation benefiting from Life (‘in all its fullness’).

‘Change’ is here to stay!

The work of the Spirit is to bring creativity, initiative, new ideas, new beginnings in order to communicate the Gospel afresh to every generation. This is the call upon us as a church in the heart of this community: to be transformed so that we in turn can be agents of transformation (‘salt and light’) through the love of Jesus to the world around us whatever that may mean in your own context. How exciting is that?