Just 10

Thousands of years ago, God revealed the framework for life as it should be. Simple values for daily living that provide the foundations of our laws and principles. Despite the surge of secular values threatening to wash away the historic links between Christianity and culture, one of the few bridges remaining above the floodwaters is that of the Ten Commandments. Although most people would struggle to name more than two or three of them, they know they exist and probably deep down think that they are generally good for the well ordering of society. Furthermore, there may be a recognition that the Ten Commandments gave previous generations a moral certainty that our own age so spectacularly lacks. So how can we reclaim these timeless truths for living and apply them in a modern world?

 J.John, the well known evangelist and popular speaker has repackaged the Ten Commandments into a DVD study series called, ‘Just 10’. Some of our congregation may have seen the videos some years ago when they first came out. As our focus for Lent this year we will be gathering together on a Sunday evening at 6pm for 10 weeks starting on February 6thto firstly worship and then watch the series on DVD, filmed with a live audience of thousands, to rediscover God’s original priorities for our lives. On the series, John Sentamu, Archbishop of York comments: ‘The Just 10 series is an enjoyable and educational re-examination of the Ten commandments. J.John unpacks their relevance and continuing application in the modern world. I commend the series to you.’

 The series begins with commandment number 10 and works up to the first one, so on the 6thFebruary we shall be thinking about ‘Thou shalt not covet’ under the theme ‘Find True Contentment’. Already we know that this series is going to be hugely relevant for our lives and for all in society. It is therefore an opportunity for you to invite friends to come along and join in this community gathering to learn afresh the timeless truths carved on tablets of stone so many thousands of years ago.  It is my hope that many of us who do not normally attend the evening praise service will be inspired for this season of Lent (which incidentally starts on March 9th), to set aside this time on a Sunday evening, 6pm – 7.15pm, to be enriched and resourced and spiritually inspired by J. John’s teaching, so do come along and bring your friends.

 Gift Day Update - I would like to take this opportunity to update everyone on the two projects for which we had the Gift day last autumn. New Boiler and Upgrade of Church Heating The Faculty application (Church documentation form) is now complete and has to be submitted to the DAC (Diocesan Advisory Committee) who hopefully will agree to our proposals and recommend to the Chancellor that a Faculty be granted. This process can take up to three months. However, the PCC has agreed the proposals and it is all now in the system and we await the outcome.

Reordering of the Balcony - We have yet to submit a Faculty application for this work as the PCC is still discussing options over the most appropriate seating for this area (padded bench seating or individual seats) and sourcing a company that provides what we are looking for, with the right level of comfort and price. We hope to confirm a decision on this by the time of our next PCC meeting in March.

Gift Day Tithe - The PCC decided to give away 10% of the cash given at the Gift Day to capital projects in the developing world. Two such projects were proposed and presented to the PCC: LIV (Lungisisa Indlela Village) in Durban, South Africa and the TLC project (Tender Loving Care) in Hammanskraal township in Gauteng, South Africa. LIV project, proposed by Rachel Hargreave, is providing homes for orphaned children set in a community complex. The village will be made up of a cluster of homes, each cluster containing eight homes and each home supporting six children with one house mother. Further details can be found on their web site: www.liv-village.com We hope that in due course through our connections with this project opportunities may come available to send individuals or groups on short term mission to serve the children in these villages.  

TLC project was proposed by Julie Pinder following her visit to South Africa last year. The project is working towards providing a centre for senior citizens who, without family support (often due to the Aids crisis) find themselves in abject poverty with little means available to provide for themselves and who gather in a large hut known as the TLC Centre. The facilities and accommodation is woefully inadequate. This project aims to raise money to build a new centre for these folk in their twilight years. Further details can be obtained from Julie Pinder.


                         Every blessing in Christ, Stephen