Lent - God's Springtime

After the recent cold snap, isn’t it lovely to see some sunshine and the approach of spring? Flowers are beginning to push their way up from the wet soil of winter and new life is starting to burst forth in nature around us. The rhythm of the seasons reminds us of the need to order our lives so as to achieve a healthy balance of work, rest and play - time for personal recreation, family and friends.

The season of Lent, reminds us of the need to take the opportunity to step back and reflect on our life with God, allowing Him to undertake a spiritual spring clean in the run up to the great celebration of Easter. Someone once said: ‘The difference between a rut and a grave is only a matter of inches’.


Feasting and Fasting

Lent provides us with the opportunity to climb out of the rut of our lives and seek spiritual refreshment. How we do this is very much up to our individual routine of life and how we juggle the various demands upon us. For some it is more about feasting: taking up something rather than the traditional giving up.

  • Take up a new hobby
  • Take up the reading of a spiritual book
  • Take up a new discipline of Bible reading and prayer
  • Take up a daily prayer walk


For others it might be to fast from aspects of our lives that enjoy a prominence which is unhealthy. So we might fast from:

·        TV or certain programmes/soaps

·        Alcohol or caffeine

·        Food, once a week or a meal a day

The point of the fast is always to draw closer to God by exercising self denial.                                                             


‘The Good and Beautiful God’ by James Bryan Smith is the book we will be reading together as a church community. Order your copy today! If you don’t usually read a spiritual book, then this might be the time to take up the discipline to read one chapter a week in order to enlarge your understanding of God.            

Join a Life Group for Lent

If you are not in a Life Group, then why not join one for Lent as part of ‘taking something up’ to enhance your spiritual life. (See Alison Cirel for details).


Make a Decision for Jesus: Palm Sunday. Baptism and Confirmation Service

Why not make a public decision to follow Jesus? If you have never been Baptised or Confirmed (perhaps you have come to Holy Trinity from another denomination and would like to be received into the Church of England), with the visit of Bishop Rachel on Palm Sunday (25thMarch), this is a good opportunity to make a decision for Jesus.


Perhaps you have been baptised as an infant but never made an adult decision, then why not come and be Confirmed. You are never too old to decide for Jesus!


Perhaps you have been baptised as an infant but that was a long time ago and you have only recently come back to faith and would like to renew your Baptismal vows, then come through the waters of baptism and renew those vows to follow Jesus.


Perhaps you are just unsure what to do but sense that you need to do something. Whatever category you might feel you come under (or none of the above) have a word with me so that I can help you think through how you might respond.


Emergency Prayer Chain

We recognise there are times in our lives when we need emergency and urgent prayer. Something happens unexpectedly and we need others to stand with us in those moments. In response to this, Andrew Thomas, our Prayer coordinator is setting up a prayer chain to provide a means by which support can be offered for those emergency situations.


To access the prayer chain please phone Jane Page with your request keeping it as concise as possible and Jane will set the prayer chain in operation. If Jane is not able to answer the phone, please do NOT leave a message but phone another person on the prayer list who will then set the chain in motion.

Details of members of the team can be found on the notice sheet.

We trust this prayer chain will be a further expression of God’s love expressed through the life of the church family.